Spa Talk with Rick Norvell


Meet Rick Norvell, president of Norvell Skin Solutions.

How would you sum up your personal philosophy?

My philosophy is simple, but our formulations aren’t! Norvell’s recipe for success is to offer high quality, innovative, consistent products at a fair price while servicing our partners better than anyone else in the sunless tanning, spa, and hospitality industry.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of being in the spa industry?

I would be remiss if I didn't share that the rewards far outweigh any of the challenges. In all channels, there will be difficulties. For us, the most challenging part of being in the spa market is the misconceptions of the sunless tanning industry. Once a person tries Norvell, those misconceptions go away. They realize that sunless color can be natural in color and effortless in application. Sunless tanning is a category where many spas are missing out on profit that comes with a viable sunless program. With regard to rewards, they are wide sweeping. Among the most rewarding is the sense of pride you feel when you visit a spa that has your product, and you see them spreading the message with authentic enthusiasm.

What is the path that led you into the spa industry?

There are many moments that led to the founding of Norvell Skin Solutions, but indeed there was one defining moment that began my journey in the skincare and spa industry. At the age of four, 40 percent of my body was burned. Struggling with scarring, and no real remedy that worked, I was inspired to formulate my own body cream. Years later, from that cream, my first company Body Drench was born. 

What do you look for in your staff?

I believe in surrounding yourself with the finest folks you can find. They need to be good people at their core—not just good at what they do. It is essential my staff is not made up of "yes-people." Instead, I work to create a team of people who hold me accountable and push me to be better every single day.

What is your favorite skincare ingredient?

Of course, my favorite ingredient is the one that makes a sunless formula what it is and that is DHA. This one ingredient has created a booming industry and it shows no signs of slowing. Spa-goers are clamoring for sunless services that provide them with "InsTANt Gratification."

How would you sum up your personal philosophy?

My personal philosophy is simple. I operate using the "Golden Rule"—truly believing that everything can be done when you come from a place of kind intentions and make it a win for all involved.

Where do you think the industry is heading?

Norvell is synonymous with a healthy, natural, effortless, beautiful sunless tan. Gone are the days of the “Jersey Shore” color and caring more about how your skin looks today than the health of your skin in the future. We do not focus on trends and care more about proven ingredients that are not a passing fad, but something that leads the industry in a responsible way that allows it to flourish. The future of sunless is products that combine color and skin beneficial properties. From natural formulas to good for you man-made ingredients, products will be multipurpose.