Performance HealthLook Out: "Pain Management Treatments & Products" are the next generation of specialized treatments & retail items for Spa's.

Performance Health, Inc (PHI) the manufacturers of BIOFREEZE® and PROSSAGETM Heat have just launched a new, exciting line of "Pain Management Treatments" specifically developed for Spa's.

An estimated 50 million Americans live with pain. By incorporating these simple, effective spa protocols and pre-written menu items into your spa menu you can take care of your existing client's and drive a whole new client base to your Spa business, in turn generating a whole new line of retail sales.

Performance Health, Inc. offers many free sampling programs proven to build your Spa Retail Sales by taking care of existing clients and attracting new ones.

For Client Education, we will provide you with FREE sample handouts (client brochure with two 5gm BIOFREEZE® sample packets attached) customized with your spa name and phone number. Simply hand-out these samples and instruct your clients on how to use BIOFREEZE®. Once you begin dispensing samples and incorporating BIOFREEZE® into your treatment, your clients will thank you by continually returning to purchase a product that only you can provide. You'll discover that BIOFREEZE® sells itself because it works on so many levels.

Now you can learn new techniques on how to capitalize on the Billion Dollar "Pain Management" Industry.

To receive your free product sample & info pack, call 1-877-493-6720 and mention SPA.
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