Phytomer Group USA Announces Regional Account Manager

Karen Hogan

Phytomer Group USA hired Karen Hogan as regional account manager for Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. Hogan provides customer service support, training, and knowledge to spa partners for the four skincare brands that make up Phytomer Group. Prior to joining Phytomer Group USA, Hogan previously held positions in sales management and brand representation, as well as served as the regional and district manager for marketing and merchandising companies. 

Hogan’s personal goal at Phytomer is to build long-lasting relationships with spa partners, helping them develop and expand their service offerings by attending to each client’s unique needs. “Phytomer is such a well-respected brand, offering true results and exceptional ongoing education and business support,” says Hogan. “It’s not a “love ‘em and leave ‘em” kind of company. I feel a part of something truly special."