Chris Hemsworth’s Centr Introduces All-New Line of Strength Equipment and Fitness Accessories

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)- Centr, a health and wellness ecosystem founded by Chris Hemsworth, has announced the introduction of 27 new products which include curated Fitness Kits (Core, Strength, Recovery, Workout) and Strength Training Equipment that are now available on and in 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide. Offering premium quality products that are accessible and deliver exceptional value, the new Centr equipment, which includes Centr 1 Home Gym, an all-new functional fitness cable machine, and fitness accessories were developed to complement the home environment with their sleek, seamless and streamlined design. Centr’s new physical products further the company’s mission of providing comprehensive tools and resources for individuals to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

“Since we started Centr, we’ve offered an extensive library of digital content across fitness, nutrition and meditation to help our members reach their individual goals,” said Chris Hemsworth, Centr founder. “With the launch of Centr’s new product line at Walmart, we now offer the physical tools with the digital membership that are designed to amplify the everyday wellness experience of everyone.”


The new Centr physical product line features individual items, as well as curated kits for Core, Recovery, Strength Training, and the all-in-one Workout option, exclusive to Walmart. All fitness accessories and strength equipment come with a free, three-month Centr digital membership, to activate total well-being with personalized coaching inspired by Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts.

Core Kit - A strong core is the key to almost all physical activities. Improved core strength increases balance, improves posture, and can decrease back pain. This kit has all the tools needed to strengthen, tone, and work the entire core including an ab roller, physio ball and slide discs.
Recovery Kit - Target sore muscles and release tension after a workout or a long day with this complete recovery kit. Stretch, roll, and massage muscles to promote blood flow and circulation. It comes with everything needed for targeted relief including a massage roller stick, lacrosse ball, trigger point ball, stretch strap, foam roller and spikey ball.
Strength Training Kit - This kit delivers everything needed to build muscle and definition at home including push-up handles, body weight training straps, a pull-up bar and an eight-pound sand bag.
Workout Kit - Exclusive to Walmart, the portable all-in-one Workout Kit can be used anywhere, whether at home, at the gym or on the go. It delivers resistance training for building strength and toning the body, empowering customers with endless ways to train. The kit includes fabric resistance bands, a straight bar and resistance bands with handles. A travel bag is also included for easy storage and on-the-go workouts.
Individual products are also available at Walmart including slam balls, push-up bars, slide discs, body weight training straps, battle ropes, massage roller sticks, pull-up bars and yoga mats. Prices for individual products start at $17.97 and the curated kits range from $49.77 to $99.99.

“Centr has embarked on a new chapter by introducing top-of-the-line strength equipment and fitness accessories, reaching nearly a quarter-billion Walmart customers. Anyone looking to jumpstart their fitness journey, or optimize their current routine, can now enhance their Centr experience by combining the brand’s physical and digital tools,” said Andrew Sugerman, CEO of Centr. “Centr’s partnership with Walmart supports our mission to democratize health and wellness by offering tools that are accessible, giving shoppers new motivation to build healthy habits.”

In addition to the new line of fitness accessories, Centr has also unveiled its new functional fitness trainer, Centr 1 Home Gym. Retailing at $899, Centr 1 Home Gym has a modest footprint, taking up less space than other functional fitness trainers, making it an ideal solution for at-home gyms. In terms of function, Centr 1 has a unique pulley system offering endless versatility. Customers will be able to adjust the dual radial swivel pulley arms to a total of 165 different positions, providing a variety of strength training workouts. The connected digital experience offers Centr 1 Home Gym workouts, detailed assembly instructions, full demonstration and total well-being support with training and tools to fuel members’ movement, meals, and mind.

Centr is one of the most popular go-to fitness and wellness solutions around the world. Centr's in-app coaching creates a singular destination for customers to get all of the tools they need to succeed. Instead of managing multiple apps or endlessly searching for the right approach, Centr's tailored recommendations offer coaching that spans all aspects of health and wellness, fueling members' movement, meals and mind. Also in the app, Centr customers can learn how to use their new equipment and accessories to live healthier and happier.

“We are excited to introduce Centr fitness equipment and accessories to our customers,” said Corey Bender, senior vice president, merchandising, Walmart U.S. “Centr’s focus on making health and wellness accessible to everyone closely aligns with our mission of saving people money so they can live better. These quality products are a great addition to our fitness department.”

Centr Fitness Kits, Centr 1 Home Gym Functional Trainer, and Centr's full suite of fitness accessories and strength equipment, formerly by Inspire Fitness, are now available at and in over 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide. All equipment comes with a free three-month Centr digital membership.

To learn more about Centr’s all-new line of Strength Equipment and Fitness Accessories at Walmart, tune in to the Walmart LIVE shopping event with Chris Hemsworth, hosted by PEOPLE Magazine, Wednesday, September 13 at 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT HERE.

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