ISI Elite Training Announces 2022 Year of Impact

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Emerging Boutique Fitness Brand Surges in Q4, Sets Sights on Continued Expansion

Charlotte, NC (February 21, 2022) – ISI® Elite Training, one of the nation’s fastest growing boutique fitness concepts built on athletic-based-training (ABT), today released the brand's Q4 growth numbers, while projecting continued expansion into 2022. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and related variant spikes, ISI® Elite Training reports more than $5M in system-wide revenue and a 130 percent year-over-year growth across all revenue streams.  Additionally, ISI® Elite Training’s Charlotte-based corporate team has more than doubled as franchise inquires and discovery days experience a surge in operations.

“We ended very strong in Q4 as the public continues to grapple with COVID, but are doing more to live a healthier lifestyle,” said Adam Rice, CEO, ISI® Elite Training. “The growth we are experiencing, which is demonstrated by the brand’s year-over-year growth supports the post-COVID trend of people taking a more concerted, proactive approach to their overall health and well-being.” 

ISI® Elite grew its membership base across its 16 open locations by 133 percent compared to 2021 and previous years in operation. New store locations such as Tega Cay and John’s Island, SC opened with more than 200 memberships sold. Across each of its locations, ISI® Elite also reports a nearly 35 percent increase in facility sales growth (AUV). Retail channels in each ISI® Elite Training location also increased more than 50 percent from last year.

As the new year starts off, ISI® Elite Training continues its momentum targeting 100 total locations by the end of 2022. At the beginning of 2021, ISI® Elite Training had awarded 16 franchises in four states. Today, the brand reports 70 awarded franchises, signing six in January 2022 alone, in ten states including Florida, Tennessee, California, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia and a six-store deal in Scottsdale, Arizona. The first locations expected to open in Q1 of 2022 are Rockhill, SC; Apex, NC; Concord, NC, Miami, Fl; Nashville, TN; Lexington, SC; and Folsom, CA.

“We are very excited with how our brand is being embraced by communities across the nation,” added Rice. “Many of our Franchise Partners were longtime members and have embraced our style of community-based ABT training into their daily lives. This level of commitment toward health and fitness is not just about working out, or eating healthy, but adopting a mindset found in team sports that builds confidence, character, and challenges each member to be better than they were the day before.”

The two main drivers of ISI® Elite Training’s growth is the brand’s community approach to athletic-based training (ABT) model and its quarterly challenges, which account for nearly 300 percent of the fitness concepts year-over-year growth. Athletic based training engages a sense of “team sports” where everyone contributes to the collective momentum and growth of the workout. It instills a level of accountability to everyone involved in the work out, while empowering personal growth and exceeding fitness benchmarks. 

To get more people engaged in taking control of their personal health and fitness and stay interested and involved in meeting fitness goals, ISI® Elite Training created a series of unique quarterly Challenges that tie in with new membership offers.

“Our quarterly challenges add another level of accountability to each segment of our ABT training model,” added Rice. “These challenges are unique designed to push members to exceed not only the physical goals, but to highlight nutrition and strengthen mental agility and toughness.”

Last year, ISI® Elite Training’s IRON45 Challenge attracted more than 2,000 participants with more than 650 being first time members.

The Growth of Boutique Fitness Concepts

Starting in the early 2000s, boutique fitness centers grew aggressively and continued to build momentum. Through this growth, many boutique fitness concepts launched in regions across the nation. According to the Global Health & Fitness Association, boutique fitness memberships expanded 121 percent from 2013 to 2018. Although started from a smaller base, boutique fitness concepts comprise nearly 35 percent of total revenue within the larger fitness industry category. 

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About ISI® Elite Training

In 2011, ISI® Elite Training Founder, Adam Rice opened his first facility in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Adam selected the name ISI® Elite Training based on Proverbs 27:17: “Iron Sharpens Iron, as one person sharpens another.” In 2019, ISI® Elite Training opened its successful boutique gym concept to franchising built on a philosophy of community alignment where like-minded people inspire, motivate, and hold each other accountable to achieve their desired results. ISI® Elite training sessions are led by energetic and nationally certified coaches. Each workout takes members through a fast-paced Athletic Based Training (ABT) session, burning up to 1,000 calories in 50 minutes. ISI® Elite training programs build self-confidence, increase muscular strength and endurance, burn fat, and improve flexibility for all fitness levels.