Pvolve Announces Franchise Deal for New York City’s Upper East Side

Pvolve, a fitness company that pairs functional movement with proprietary equipment, has signed a franchise agreement for New York City’s Upper East Side. This location is the result of a partnership between four area locals, Jessica and Mike Wenger, along with Samantha Diaz-Hennessey and her fiancé Ryan Grealy.

The Upper East Side location joins the brand’s inaugural studio in Soho, which is one of three studios owned and operated by Pvolve Corporate. All four franchisees see further expansion opportunities throughout the city’s five boroughs.

Jessica has spent the majority of her career in the boutique fitness space, Samantha, as a nurse practitioner, while both of their husbands have been involved in the finance sector. What all four share is a belief in the Pvolve Method and the franchise offering, as well as the viability of a studio on New York City’s Upper East Side.

“I’ve devoted my professional career to the preventative care of patients, which has given me such a deep connection with the Pvolve Method and the proven lifestyle benefits it offers members,” said Samantha. “I’m beyond excited to be able to partner with like-minded friends to deliver this functional fitness method that helps improve longevity and the well-being of its members.”

“I’m excited to see Pvolve expand its reach in the heart of our home market,” said Pvolve President Julie Cartwright. “The Upper East Side community is a sophisticated consumer who can’t be fooled by fad fitness trends. Pvolve is redefining what fitness can mean for its members; we are committed to delivering the highest caliber of workout, one that is science-led, overseen by a Clinical Advisory Board, and delivered by highly credentialed trainers. We have no doubt that this community will value this commitment and see the Pvolve difference first-hand.”

Cartwright credits their innovative approach to functional fitness as the reason for the growth the franchise has experienced this year. Coupled with Pvolve’s multi-revenue stream business model, proprietary resistance equipment, hybrid class offerings, and high-level brand endorsements, Cartwright and her team agree that their NYC presence is just beginning.

“Pvolve was instrumental in my physical recovery after a hip injury, helping me to regain a sense of self on my way back to marathon training,” said Jessica. “I know this studio will be able to help so many others on their health journeys and push them to become their best selves, without putting their bodies through the wringer.”

For more information on Pvolve and its franchising opportunities, please visit https://pvolvefranchise.com/.

About Pvolve

Pvolve LLC, or Personal Evolution, is an innovative fitness company that pairs functional movement with resistance-based equipment to sculpt, tone, strengthen, and restore the body while enhancing mobility and stability. After being introduced to functional fitness in 2017, founder  Rachel Katzman was determined to help others experience an approach that respects the body's holistic needs while making you look and feel great. Pvolve's method is supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of highly credentialed doctors, trainers, and experts to offer safe and effective workouts that help you break a sweat, not your body. In June 2023, world-renowned actress, producer, and director, Jennifer Aniston, officially partnered with Pvolve after falling in love with the method as a member in 2021. Through its hybrid fitness model, Pvolve can be experienced via a streaming membership that offers live and on-demand classes on Pvolve.com and on the Pvolve App, and via one of 7 physical studio locations available in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Carlsbad, with more than 30 franchises in development. For more information, please visit https://www.pvolve.com/ , https://pvolvefranchise.com/ and @pvolve on Instagram.