Tony Robbins, Pitbull, Grant Cardone and Tim Draper to Revolutionize Connected Fitness with GRIT EPIQ

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Crowdfunding launches for breakthrough intelligent home gym that features AI and social-network

NEW YORK, NY—Equity holders Tony Robbins, Pitbull, Grant Cardone and Tim Draper are taking the lead in revolutionizing the world of connected fitness through their involvement in GRIT EPIQ. GRIT EPIQ is the intelligent home gym that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), a social network and other powerful technology tools to transform the way people work out at home. GRIT EPIQ are boxing classes, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio, strength training, barre, bootcamp, recovery, stretching, meditation, personal trainer and on-demand health coach—all in a single solution. GRIT EPIQ was created by Bill Zanker, the motivational impresario who founded GRIT BXNG and The Learning Annex.

“It’s inspiring, and a bit humbling, to be working with Tony, Pitbull and Tim,” said Zanker. “They are true visionaries who have shown over and over that they have an instinct for where the market is heading. We are honored to have their backing.” Robbins is the world’s leading life and business strategist and NYT #1 bestselling author—arguably the most influential man in the world, followed by millions of devoted fans. Pitbull is a world-famous rapper, singer, songwriter, brand ambassador, businessman and philanthropist. Draper is a legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist with one of the greatest investing track records of anyone in his field.  Motivation meets Music which meets Crypto.

Designed by Eric Villency, the mastermind behind the Peloton bike, GRIT EPIQ comprises a sleek and modern all-in-one form that melds AI, 3D sensor technology and smart digital weights to deliver studio-grade HIIT, strength, boxing and cardio training workouts. A built-in screen connects users with the fitness software, other users, trainers and a growing universe of fitness personalities and online experiences. Zanker added, “It’s an unparalleled at-home total body workout for all fitness levels—the most complete at-home gym ever imagined.”

The timing of the crowdfunding launch for GRIT EPIQ is auspicious. The online fitness market is projected to grow from its current $10 billion to $59 billion by 2027. An increase in the general level of interest in health and fitness is synergizing with the COVID pandemic’s work-from-home trend.

GRIT EPIQ puts socialization at its core, offering users direct access to a workout community via live and on-demand classes as well as leaderboards and challenges. Zanker said, “You can train face-to-face online with world-class trainers or meet classmates. This way, you’re never exercising alone at home, a situation that we all know can be very de-motivating. We’re creating a new kind of fitness community, GRIT SOCIAL+, where we can all support each other in attaining our personal goals.”

Users also gain the opportunity to socialize before and after class at the virtual GRIT Bar using “clubhouse” technology. They join networking events and seminars led by renowned industry experts, while availing themselves of health coaching and nutrition guidance. They can even meet other members for dating or networking.

Investors can participate in the crowdfunding for as little as $300. Investors in the crowdfund become eligible for special offers related to GRIT EPIQ. For more information, visit

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