VR Fitness Leader, Supernatural, Brings Virtual Reality Mainstream with New Campaign

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Supernatural, the award-winning VR fitness app transforming exercise as we know it, reintroduces itself with the launch of 'Unreal Fitness'. This stunning campaign depicts the totally immersive in-headset experience, sharing breathtaking landscapes where members sweat through full-body movements choreographed to the beat of high-energy music.

For the brand relaunch—coming after Meta acquired the business earlier this year—Supernatural traveled to Iceland, with Director Neels Castillon and production company RSA Films to fully capture what it means to jab, cross, squat and flow inside the Meta Quest headset.

"One of the defining aspects of Supernatural is our ability to suspend reality and make people feel like they're actually present on top of a glacier, on a beach, or in any one of our incredible destinations," said Supernatural Co-Founder, Chris Milk. "To get that across, we knew we needed to shoot on-location, and we needed to call on the best, which is why we worked with Neels. Thanks to his incredible camera work, with this campaign, we've captured the exhilarating nature of working out in virtual reality. A truly transformative experience we hope to share with the masses."

Deciding to shoot the campaign on-location set in motion a whirlwind three weeks of pre-production, in tight partnership with the team at RSA Films, chosen for their proven expertise in capturing bodies in motion within nature.

"I've been a longtime fan of Chris Milk's directorial work and VR art pieces, so it felt like a dream job when he and his team approached me to direct this campaign," said Director, Neels Castillon. "When I first tried Supernatural, I was genuinely immersed in the landscape and had a fulfilling workout experience. I wanted to convey as much of this emotion as possible within the commercial and was thrilled that we agreed to shoot the campaign in real-life breathtaking locations, because nothing compares to experiencing the power of nature, especially in Iceland. Working with Supernatural, with the support of my team at RSA and our Icelandic production partner, Comrade Films, we captured stunning footage – conveying the perfect blend of strong energy and poetic beauty that represents what Supernatural means to me."

A New Framework for Fitness

Existing both squarely in the Fitness category and as a markedly different option within it, Supernatural is overhauling how we experience exercise and wellness, expanding and boldly redefining what it means to work out and our broader relationship to movement.

With the invitation of Unreal Fitness, Supernatural offers the masses an unparalleled way to achieve their goals, positioning the Meta Quest headset as a unique piece of fitness equipment.

"Like Peloton, Supernatural combines innovative hardware and an evolving content library into an accessible subscription model — it's at the forefront of fitness and brings a new, more mainstream audience to VR," said former-Peloton exec, and Supernatural's Head of Marketing, Sapna Kirk. "Supernatural is for anyone who wants a workout that feels more like magic than anything else."

About Supernatural

Supernatural, the leading VR fitness app, uses the power of immersive technology combined with the expertise of industry-leading coaches to provide members thousands of fun-filled, full-body workouts, free from the limitations of physical reality. Compatible with Meta Quest 2 + 3 headsets, our subscription-based service makes it easier than ever to start and maintain fitness routines from the comfort of home, on the road, or wherever you are! Box, Flow, Meditate or Stretch in stunning destinations around the world with an annual membership of $99.99 USD, or for a monthly rate of $9.99 USD. With the purchase of a new Meta Quest 2 or 3, members enjoy a special rate of just $49.99 USD/year for the first 12 months.

About RSA Films

RSA Films is a global commercial production company founded by directors Ridley and Tony Scott. Renowned for creative excellence and production expertise, for over 50 years RSA Films has produced innovative, award-winning campaigns for agencies and brands worldwide. Based in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Greater China, and with a roster of leading global creative and production talent, RSA Films promotes diversity, purpose and agility in all forms of content.

Unreal Fitness Campaign Production Credits

Supernatural (Meta)

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  • Supernatural Brand Marketing Lead: Elle Obletz
  • Supernatural Senior Producer: Par Guiv
  • Supernatural Design Lead: Rayne Chapman

Brand Platform Development: Mythology

  •  Anthony Sperduti: Executive Creative Director
  • Audrey Attal: Creative Director
  • Kim Haxton: Creative Director
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Local Production Company: Comrade Films

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  • Choreography: Fanny Sage

Editorial and VFX: The Mill 

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Sound Design and Mix: Lime Studios

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  • Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan