Preston Inc. Spa Management Consultants has announced a first in the spa industry: a new series of spa business consultant training courses, to begin April 2005 in Los Gatos, California. "There is considerable and growing demand for the services of skilled spa management and business improvement specialists", explains Douglas Preston, President of the company and successful 11-year spa consultant. "Our goal is to meet an unmet request for spa consultant training while simultaneously advancing the skills of existing industry professionals.

3-part Training Series
The consulting course is offered in 3 separate 4-day programs. The first covering the spa industry, it's management challenges and opportunities for business improvement consultants. Part 2 introduces an array of spa management strategies consultants can use to help their clients improve operations, sales, and profitability. Part 3 is a series of real-case workshops where trainees evaluate and solve key management problems, discover overlooked revenue sources, and create detailed plans for client business turnaround.

Graduate Support
Preston Inc. will offer its graduates consulting support services to assist in particularly difficult or unusual spa business assignments. Consulting professionals will be able to use Preston's on-the-spot support via telephone or e-mail, and will have access to company consulting tools, business forms, and post-graduate booster programs.

A New High-Income Opportunity for Spa Professionals
Many spa service and management professionals are seeking to expand upon their careers. They want to utilize their knowledge and skills in a new and more independent direction. Spa consulting has long drawn on this experienced pool of talent rather than depend on advisors from other industries. But training for consultants has been virtually non-existent, until now. Preston's program also teaches consultants how to market, price and successfully sell their services to the lucrative spa market. Working consultants, spa directors and operators, and industry vendors will find the courses of tremendous interest and value. For more information visit or telephone 831-325-1490.