Preston Wynne Success Systems Rebrands as Wynne Business

Wynne BusinessSpa Industry Consultancy and Spa Management Training Company, Preston Wynne Success Systems, Rebrands as Wynne Business And Debuts 'Graduate' Course for Spa Directors

Preston Wynne Success Systems, the twelve-year-old spa consultancy and spa management training company founded by Peggy Wynne Borgman, has become Wynne Business. The company's new name coincides with the debut of a new management seminar program, The High Performance Spa, as well as a highly informative spa business blog. The High Performance Spa is conceived as a "graduate" course for attendees of the company's Spa Directors' Management Intensive, but admission is open to professionals with comparable industry experience.

Wynne Business has made its name by collecting, developing and teaching best practices for spa operators—and remains one of the few consultancies owned by company that actually operates spas. Preston Wynne operates a hotel spa and a day spa in California's Silicon Valley.
"Clients appreciate that we're actually in the trenches today—the industry has changed so much in the last five years," says Borgman. "It's gotten much harder to operate a successful spa."
Adds Lisa Starr, Wynne Business senior consultant, "It's ironic, but that very fact has given rise to an overpopulation of spa consultants, many of whom have never run a spa."
Based on the East Coast, Wynne Business senior consultant, Lisa Starr, is a 25-year spa business veteran. Reflecting her reputation as one of the spa industry's sharpest minds, Starr is a top-rated speaker at the ISPA and Spa & Resort Expo conferences and a Contributing Editor at Day Spa magazine. She leads the Wynne Business seminars in Philadelphia and Hong Kong, including the company's immensely popular Asian Spa Directors' Management Intensive, (January 22, 2007 - January 26, 2007.) Borgman co-presents with Starr in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the two Preston Wynne Spas are based. The spas serve as living laboratories for Wynne Business.
The California Wynne Business seminar venue offers students a special bonus: "Our attendees love the opportunity to experience what we're discussing in the seminar as we've applied it in our spas," she observes. "Many of them spend the day in class and their evening in the spa."

With its firm grounding in real world operations, spa startup consulting has become a signature offering. Wynne Business startup projects include medical spas, resort spas and day spas, many of which have attained national prominence. "We're very proud of the fact that our clients are regularly covered by the spa trades as examples of success in the industry, and that graduates from our spa management courses can be found in top management positions throughout the spa world " notes Borgman.
Wynne Business provides consulting, management education and employee training to the spa industry, and counts among its clients brands from the top tier of the international hospitality industry, as well as independent spas throughout North America and Asia.
The Wynne Business Blog translates spa industry trends into "use it tomorrow" tactics for its readers. One of author Borgman's specialties is distilling concepts from the top mainstream business publications into practical solutions for spa operators.
For more information on consulting and training services, as well as the complete 2007 Wynne Business seminar schedule, visit or call (408) 741-1750, ext. 35.