Preventure Launches New Wellness App

Preventure, a global provider of corporate wellness programs, announced the new use of the PureRunner Smart Phone Application. Preventure strives to make certain that employees have access to vital health and fitness information at their convenience. The PureRunner application has been designed to streamline the tracking of physical activity. Users can monitor and sync their physical activity right to their personal smartphone. Participants engaged in walking programs can use their phone as a pedometer or to maintain a log of their overall cardiovascular activity. The program also allows for Facebook and Twitter integration, and provides Google Earth maps with virtual routes. "Our job as a corporate wellness provider is empowering people to build new healthy habits and form a healthy lifestyle," says Laura Walmsley, chief business development officer for Preventure. "By building upon their existing lifestyle, which for many includes a smartphone in their back pocket, we can keep wellness accessible so it too becomes an everyday habit."
Preventure's WellHealth web portal offers employees the ability to gauge and support personal health improvement through a variety of tools, trackers, competitions, and peer-to-peer coaching. This portal also includes mobile applications (such as PureRunner), through a collaboration with PureWellness a technology leader, that enable members to use their smartphones to track exercise, access exercise routines, monitor eating habits, and check restaurant meal choices.