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The Ultimate Guide to Spa and Salon Wellness

To help you return back to the salon after COVID-19 with confidence, please see the PREP For the FUTURE check-list enclosed, which outlines heightened general guidelines now recommended by regulatory agencies. Download this free guide today!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Suncare
Sothys USA

This guide from Sothys focuses on the different types of solar radiation, the effects of sun on the skin, today’s sun protection options and formulations, the importance of after-sun care, and innovative Sothys products and treatments that help protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun. 

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A Guide to Hair Loss
Grande Cosmetics

This guide from Grande Cosmetics discusses the topic of hair loss, and how caring for hair and using the proper products can help prevent and improve this condition.

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A Guide to How Credit Can Change Spending Habits in Day Spas

Studies show that consumers are spending more time and money than ever before on self-care to improve their mood and feel less stressed. This guide from CareCredit offers a look into the increase in self-care, the growth of the spa industry, and the benefits of alternative payment options like the CareCredit credit card. 

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Overwhelming Wellness - A Guide to Standing Out in a Wellness-Saturated Market
Millennium Systems International

The U.S. spa industry continues to grow each year, but as more spas open their doors, it gets harder for them to stand out. This guide from Millennium Systems International, makers of Meevo 2 cloud-based growth platform, discusses the topic of how to stand out in a wellness-saturated market, how to build a great team to support this mission, and how to create a culture that supports employee and client attraction and retention.

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A Guide to Self-Care in Today’s Digital Era

Eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, and hand and finger aches are just some of the often-overlooked side effects of today’s technology era, and spas are seeing an increase in clients looking to treat these issues. This helpful guide from Sothys provides detailed information on these tech-related issues and some of the innovative products and treatments that are available today to help with these issues. Help clients unplug while they recharge their minds and bodies.

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The Benefits of Full-Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a must when it comes to fighting the signs of aging and environmental damage. This informative guide from DiamondTome of Altair Instruments reveals how exfoliation can benefit various parts of the body, dispels common myths about microdermabrasion, and shares the effective tools and instruments available today to give clients the healthier and younger-looking skin they crave.

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The Ultimate Guide to Spa Sanitation

Cleanliness is essential to keeping clients and staff healthy and safe in your spa. It’s also key to protecting the reputation of your business. This vital guide from Virox ProBeauty provides tips, guidelines, and a simple checklist to ensure you’re following proper sanitation procedures and offering the cleanest and healthiest spa environment. Learn how you can take your spa’s sanitation practices to the next level. Learn more!