Questex Media Group has acquired a portfolio of tradeshows, magazines, and websites from Advanstar Communications. Among the assets Questex will acquire are Advanstar's Beauty, Travel & Hospitality, Information, Home Entertainment, and Technology & Communications divisions. Advanstar's International Beauty Group includes American Spa and American Salon magazines, Medical Spa Report, The Green Book, The International Beauty Show, and The American Spa Expo.

Questex Media Group was formed by investment capital firm Audax Group and Kerry Gumas, a former Vice President and General Manager of Advanstar's Information Technology & Communications group. Gumas, now President and CEO of Questex, stated in a press release, "We are very excited about partnering with Audax in forming this new business. As a separate entity, the acquired divisions will have the ability to successfully grow from the foundation established under Advanstar. We believe this transaction will provide new opportunities for our employees and customers and we look forward to the future prospects of Questex Media Group."

On a related note, American Spa magazine reports that Julie Sinclair has left her position as Editor-in-Chief, to be replaced by Advanstar veteran Julie Keller. 'We are thrilled to have Julie Keller head up our American Spa editorial team,' says Group Publisher Kerry Cannon. 'She is a seasoned editor who will bring a fresh perspecive to the magazine.'