Raffles Hospital in Singapore Expands Medical Spa Program

Channel NewsAsia reports that patients undergoing cosmetic treatments at Singapore hospitals are increasingly asking for spa services. To meet this rising demand, Raffles Hospital has set up a medical spa, offering aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, all under one roof.

The Aesthetic Centre at the hospital started off as a one-doctor outfit offering cosmetic treatments like botox injections, but it has since expanded to provide medical spa services. Doctors reported that one in five patients, including men, request beauty therapies. For example, patients now have their teeth bleached and enjoy a foot massage at the same time.

Dr Wong Soon Tee, a consultant dermatologist at Raffles Hospital, said: 'After chemical peeling, patients always ask whether they can go for facial massage. ?e have plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dental surgeons working under one roof, interacting and consulting with one other. Now we are further supported by a good pool of therapists and nurses, so we can certainly provide a more holistic and comprehensive service to our patients,' said Dr Wong.

'For the post-surgical patients, after liposuction, there is a need for some kind of lymphatic massage to help the patient to drain away the excessive tissue fluid. So it helps to have such service extension under one roof because we realize that medical science cannot solve all the problems.'

Raffles Hospital plans to tap further into the medical tourism trend by reaching out to international patients from the Southeast Asian region.