Red Mountain Adventure SpaThe New York Times featured Red Mountain Adventure Spa in St. George, Utah in the Journeys section October 29th. The story, entitled "The New Spas: Suffer by Day, Get Pampered by Night," focused on the new breed of destination spas in the United States — Spas that provide "active, outdoorsy but balanced which the price of the evening's pampering is their own perspiration."

Transformed from fat-farm in the early 1990's to a full-scale resort, Red Mountain underwent an $8 million renovation in 1999, under the leadership of spa veteran Deborah Evans. According to Evans, the spa's General Manager, The guests at Red Mountain are slightly younger than the age of the average spa-goer. "We expect our average to drop further over the next several years. Our guests are generations X and Y, young Americans who have grown up feeling the appeal of the outdoors and the benefits of activities like yoga. They love this type of vacation because it has everything they want in one vacation.'

At mealtime, guests show up in boots dusted with trail dirt or white bathrobes because they are on their way to an indigenous spa treatment like the Slickrock Survival Fango Treatment or the Mother Earth Wrap of local bentonite clay, infused with lavender and aloe. Men feel right at home at Red Mountain.

Men feel right at home at Red Mountain. Thirty-five percent of Red Mountain's clientele are male, six percent higher than the national average of 29 percent, according to the International Spa Association (ISPA).

A Red Mountain guest told the NYT journalist Christopher Solomon: 'This is just like I imagined,' one. 'I wouldn't want to go to a spa that was just massages and facials; I'm too active,' adding later, 'I can only be puffed and fluffed so much.' When asked for an explanation for why she and her friend had come to Red Mountain, they responded. 'We wanted to work out all day and then be pampered at night — and then fall into bed."
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