Relaxing Treatments for Wannabe Mothers and Couples

Getting yourself "in the mood" is one thing; being "productive" about it is another entirely. In ancient Africa, women hoping to find themselves in a family way were encouraged to gobble hyena eyes dressed with licorice and dill, while ancient Hindus believed that passing through holes in trees or rocks could improve the odds of fertility.

These days, nothing relieves the stress of possible conception better than a relaxing treatment at a luxury spa. Indeed, many spas now encourage fecundity with specific therapies to inspire warmth and well-being in wannabe mothers and couples. Considering that more than nine million U.S. women have sought treatment for infertility, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, and that there are more than 2 million infertile married couples out there, these spas may just be on to something.

Tropical Treatments: Amid the sunshine and good times of the Caribbean, The Spa at Little Dix Bay, A Rosewood Resort in Virgin Gorda, BVI is putting the focus on fertility with two new spa therapies. Sign on for Fertility Reflexology, a combination of reflexology and aromatherapy for the feet and head to stimulate the endocrine system and other vital systems to coach the body to rebalance itself in secreting the appropriate reproductive hormones. Or, try Fertility Yoga to specifically focus on reproductive health by integrating breath with movement to bring balance, strength and vitality to the reproductive and hormonal areas of the body. Fertility Reflexology is $145 for 50 minutes. Fertility Yoga is $95 for 50 minutes.

Mayan Rituals: For a kernel of inspiration from days long gone by, take your fertility concerns to Tides Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The Maya Spa offers its own Ritual of Fertility based on ancient Mayan traditions and the most apt symbol of abundance: seeds. Settle into the resort's new Mayan House of Fertility where a bath of chia seeds, rich in folic acid, will be massaged into your body by specialized hands to the accompaniment of drums, Mayan songs, words of the heart, and you will enjoy a special beverage the Maya used to bring them closer to their gods. $220 for 50 minutes.

The Moon Looks Ripe Tonight: Put the push and pull of the moon's gravitational force to work for the two of you with a Couple's Lunaception, one of the new treatments at Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Enter your private herb garden and spa suite with your companion for this special fertility-heightening experience. Relax side by side, synchronizing your breath during your massage above Venus "Goddess of Fertility" idols. Freshly prepared teas and hand-selected fresh herbs melt away everyday stress, unlocking nature's reproductive potential. Available only during specific lunar phases, the 75-minute couples' treatment runs $420.