Skincare Technology, Inc. today announced it has received a letter from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (#K042630) giving the company the right to sell the company's innovative Revitalight unit for the treatment of: 1. Moderate Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris (blue pulsator) 2. Promote Increased Blood Flow (red and amber pulsators) 3. Facial Massage (red and amber pulsators) 4. Relief of Pain (red and amber pulsators). The announcement was made today by Jim Raim, president and CEO of Skincare Technology, Inc., which developed and markets the patented Revitalight Skin Care System.

According to Mr. Raim, "We are pleased that our revolutionary device can be marketed for the treatment of acne. This is important news for everyone who suffers from acne, especially for young men and women, teens and adults who want relief from this condition that can have a devastating impact on their appearance."

The Revitalight Skin Care System incorporates red, amber and blue LED (Light Emitting Diode) light in its treatments.

Specifically, the FDA's letter allows Skincare to market the Revitalight's Blue Pulsator device for treating moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris (blue light) and pain (red and amber light). The most common type of acne, acne vulgaris, is caused by bacteria that multiply rapidly in the oils from sebaceous glands that are secreted through openings in the skin. This is especially true when boys and girls reach puberty and the sebaceous glands are stimulated by the adrenal glands. The oil builds up and the bacteria multiply rapidly, inflaming the skin in the surrounding area.

Revitalight projects its LED by means of a "pulsator" to apply its light to the skin. The blue light emitting from the hand held pulsator is a combinations of twelve (12) blue 420 nm LEDs @ 18mW each and a Lambertian blue 455 nm LED @ 100mW. This result is 45mW/cm2 or 4.05 joules per at 90 seconds at skin level.

The system is calibrated to pulsate the light at a proprietary multi-frequency to further achieve a greater result. Also, Revitalight is unique because it is capable of focusing its LED beam so one is able to direct all the light energy to a specific problem area, rather than use the "broad brush" approach other LED devices employ.

Revitalight has consistently demonstrated its superior effectiveness in treating acne over other forms of treatment. It is currently available at doctors' offices, clinics, salons, spas, and medical spas. Call toll free 888-807-7546 for the nearest Revitalight Skin Care System or visit for more information.

About Revitalight:

The Revitalight Skincare System is a safe, but effective use of advanced light technology designed to help diminish acne vulgaris, as well as the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face, neck and hands by promoting collagen firmness. Developed by electronic engineers working in conjunction with dermatologists, the Revitalight Skincare System uses photopulsation technology allowing people to have an effective and safe, non-invasive cosmetic skin care application in the comfort and convenience of a salon or spa. Extensive research involving safe light sources and wavelengths has enabled the Revitalight Team to create applications that allow light emitting diodes, LEDs, to help alleviate signs of aging. The key to Revitalight's photopulsation technology is the scientific concept that skin cells can be photoreceptive. The LED wavelengths which are used in the Revitalight Skincare System are less than half the strength of lasers used at their lowest levels by dermatologists, and therefore are completely harmless, yet effective. Revitalight has been shown to relieve pain and discomfort caused by a variety of diseases and conditions, including arthritis.