Revolutionary Technology Reduces Laundry & Preserves Resources

Newport Beach, CA.-
"Beyond Disposable" is how consultants at TOSS Disposables describe the benefits of their new Eco-Toss Disposable Linens. If you ask their clients or focus groups they'll confirm with surprising enthusiasm "It feels like cotton" and " it's sooo much nicer then the paper stuff!"

Why so much excitement about disposable sheets, towels and headrest covers? As if west coast energy black-outs, and east coast strict municipal water usage regulations aren't enough, now add 1,000 dirty towels and sheets to your laundry list per week, and "Houston we (every spa and medical facility in the nation) have a problem!"

Over the last two years, TOSS received so many requests for high quality, disposable linens (from various industries nationwide) that they initiated a R&D task force with a mission to create a product that was "Beyond Disposable". In other words- it shouldn't look, feel or perform like a typical paper disposable yet it has to be cost effective and reduce laundry related cost.

After more then a year of research TOSS formulated a unique conversion process utilizing a synthetic polymer that is derived from organic substances. The result is a baby soft, luxurious material that can be formulated to perform as either an ultra absorbent sheet or a water resistant body drape or wrap. The usage and creative applications are endless and the organic origin make it an "eco-responsible product"!

When TOSS Linens are incorporated into services a continuous chain of benefits occur for the facility. First you automatically reduce the acquisition cost and level of inventory required, as well as the number of traditional towels / sheets utilized per service. Subsequently you have also reduced the voluminous number of laundry loads per day. Furthermore, you reduce water usage, reduce power and energy usage, not to mention you have eliminated the time, labor, and cost of handling, washing, drying, sorting, folding - all of that dirty laundry.

Demonstrating the integrity of the TOSS "Beyond Disposable" concept, TOSS customers especially appreciate the "un-seen benefits and responsibility" that TOSS products offer. For example when you simply reduce laundry, it also means you're not polluting our oceans and rivers with harsh chemicals that are flushed into our water supply with every laundry cycle. For spa and medical professionals that are in the business of "nurturing and healing", it's a great opportunity to make a statement by expanding the philosophy of healing beyond the customer, to include the planet and our resources.

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