The Rise of the Luxury Wellness Spa

Luxury Wellness Center There is a global trend towards high-end hotel operators teaming up with medical clinics, spa consultants, fitness trainers and nutritionists to offer luxury wellness centers. 'Consumers are more interested in staying at lovely places that make them feel cared for now,' explains spa consultant Amy McDonald.

Spa Chakra (North America, Europe and Australia) provides comprehensive health and wellness care in an environment that integrates conventional and holistic methods with a definitive sensorial experience. With more than 60 health and beauty therapies, each treatment is individually tailored according to the results of a pre-therapy questionnaire. Spa Chakra also provides fully integrative Chakra Health programs including the Executive Lifestyle Assessment and Weight Loss programs; Nutritional Assessments, Naturopathy, and Health Retreats.

The California WellBeing Institute at Four Seasons, Westlake, California offers a full complement of medical services, from massages and meditation to blood tests and physicals. Physiologists provide personal fitness training, while nutritionists give tutorials on healthy cooking. State-of-the-art imaging devices and a proprietary DNA-damage test help five full-time doctors diagnose and treat guests.

Ritz-Carlton Spa Village, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers health and wellness treatments to incorporate the healing cultures of the regions in which they are located. The Spa Village offer therapies such as Moxa Navel Activation, an abdominal massage that improves metabolism and digestion, and a Sensory Room for meditation sessions. Inside the darkened chamber, woofers under the floor emit vibrations that are said to calm clients' senses and heighten awareness.

This recently renovated, 135-year-old resort is a landmark Brenner's Park-Hotel and Spa in Baden Baden, Germany boasts hot mineral baths reputed to have healing powers. The staff at the new Medical Spa at Brenner's examines, diagnoses and prescribes using traditional medical techniques as well as naturopathic therapies. Other professionals can cap or bond teeth, smooth wrinkles or treat skin lesions.