Salon Sanitation Practices Scrutinized

Spa sanitation practices will be 'under the radar' of consumers and health officials. In the first installment of our safety series, 'Safety and The Spa,' The Wellness Resource predicted that spas will be subjected to increasing government scrutiny. The article mentioned the closure of Fancy nails, a Watsonville California discount salon, after an outbreak of infectious disease. The culprit was reported to be suction tubes in the pedicure footbaths harbored the dangerous bacteria. (The same type of pedicure tubs used in many day spas.)

Shortly after our story ran, ABC News show 20/20 did a feature on the safety of discount nail salons, launching an investigation into the sanitation practices. Out of the 27 salons inspected, 24 had possible disease-causing fungi and bacteria. The story focused specifically on discount salons primarily run by immigrants. In the minds of consumers however, the distinction between receiving a pedicure at a day spa and discount salon is blurred. As a result of viewing the 20/20 segment, many consumers have become wary of pedicures in general

The need to educate your clients on your sanitation practices has never been greater. Increase their comfort level up-front by explaining your procedures. Consumers need to know the difference between your property and the discount salon down the street.

To view a transcript of the 20/20 investigation, visit articles for a link to the full story on