Salt of the Earth Opens Custom-blending Factory

Reception areaSalt of the Earth, a company that handcrafts spa treatments and products, has opened an eco-friendly factory where personalized skincare products are created to meet clients’ specifications. Based in Salt Lake City, the new facility features multiple ceiling skylights for minimal electrical consumption. The space also holds a dedicated spa area complete with a shower to allow employees to refresh after a bike ride or jog into work. Built from recycled storage cargo containers and sustainable materials, the internal structure is made of reclaimed storage pods, which are stacked on top of each other to create a multi-level space. Blendologists help create bath and body concoctions for customers, and are readily available on the first floor. “When a spa employee or customer comes into our facility, our goal in mind is to set the stage for a spectacular experience,” says owner and chief care officer Paul Heslop. “We also want our staff members to have the most positive and inspiring place to work in every day.” 

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