SANIJET® Corporation has announced that they are working with the industry's top leaders to customize their professional-grade hydrotherpapy equipment for the spa industry. SANIJET® has been working with experts in the medical industry to design functional pipelessTM whirlpool baths for hospitals and doctors offices nation-wide. "Creating hydrotherapy solutions specifically for spa professionals is the next logical progression," says Philip Klement, Sanijet's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "No human activity is more closely connected to personal hygiene than bathing. Yet many spas are unwittingly subjecting their clients to serious health risks. As a manufacturer of bathing appliances, we have an ethical responsibility to provide the safest bathing appliances possible."

SANIJET'S advisory board includes the following top spa operators and consultants:

• Sharilyn Abbijay, President, SP Abbajay & Associates, Member ISPA Executive Board

• Wendy Bosalavage, President American Leisure Corporation

• Monica T. Brown, Spa, Wellness, Medical Spa Consulting, Wayzata, MN

• Prof. Jonathan Paul De Vierville, Ph.D.. M.S.S.W., Director of the Alamo Plaza Spa at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas

• Scott Duncan, General Manager, Spa Gregories, Newport Beach, CA

• Deborah Evans Red Mountain Adventure Spa, Ivins, UT

• Eva Jensch President Spa Concepts International, Sonoma, CA

The board will meet in Dallas in February to brainstorm emerging trends and developments in the resort and spa industries, develop new products, and design effective protocols for usage, operation and maintenance of hydrotherapy equipment. 'SANIJET's Pipeless Hydrotherapy Products are a new and revolutionary return to basic and traditional principles of hydrotherapy," touts advisory board member Prof. Jonathan Paul De Vierville, "The ease and ability to use natural therapeutic herbal bathing agents along with SANIJET's advanced hygenic water propulsion technology, and quiet operating system conveys and combines Water and Nature with new healthful capacities.'

SANIJET Corporation was established in 1993 to develop a pipeless whirlpool bath circulation system to replace the pipes and air channels in conventional piped whirlpool baths and air tubs. For more information, email Philip Klement at [email protected]