Following an invitation from Saudi Health Minister Hamad Al-Manie, Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic are expected to sign a agreement to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in the health sector. The memorandum of understanding proposed by Saudi Arabia would allow more Saudi students to enter the world-class Czech medical schools. The agreement will also open up job opportunities for Czech medical professionals in Saudi Arabia.

According to deputy head of the Czech Mission Tomas Strnad, the interest in the partnership is due to an increasing number of Saudis visiting the Czech Republic, mainly because of its spas. "Czech spas have become very popular all over the world, especially among Saudis who have been visiting our country regularly for medical treatment," Strnad told Arab News.

In Karlovy Vivary, a popular destination for foreigners seeking spa therapies, there is a building with one whole floor reserved for Saudi visitors. "In the past, we used to issue 4,000-5,000 visas yearly. This year, we hope to issue 7,000," Strnad said.