Self-serve 'Botox kits" offered illegally on eBay

Despite attempts by eBay to prevent sellers from offering illegal Botox kits, the botulin toxin can still be found on the auction site.

A seller from Texas offers auction shoppers 100 units of Allergan's Botox Cosmetic. The seller markets their item by explaining that self-injecting Botox is easy and a money saver.

"When having this treatment at the Spa, I started to think that it wasn't that hard to do after watching the girl at the MedSpa do mine, and started talking with her about options of doing it at home. She was able to obtain quantities of the products they use at the Spa for me to use at home and share with my friends (mostly other Mom). I am just a real person who wants to share my amazing find and perhaps make a little money in the process."