J.C. Penney Co. announced that it will open Sephora stores within its department stores starting this fall. Sephora will open "store-within-stores" and be the exclusive seller of beauty products in J.C. Penney--which has been trying to upscale its image and attract young female customers.
"We see this initiative with JCPenney as a way to dramatically increase our retail presence, while we continue our core strategy of aggressively building free-standing stores across the country,' said David Suliteanu, president and CEO of Sephora U.S.A. in a statement. 'JC Penney's focus on providing relevant merchandise to its broad customer base is consistent with our objectives. This includes America's youngest women, a market in which JC Penney is a significant and rapidly growing factor.'
Under the agreement, each Sephora shop will be located in the center of the department store and feature the display cases and salespeople who work in standalone Sephora stores. The rollout will begin starting in the fall. Sephora will also be the exclusive online beauty products seller on Penney's Web site through a link to its store from from
'Our customer has been telling us she wants a beauty and cosmetics selection that is new, exciting and within her reach,' said Myron Ullman, J.C. Penney chairman and CEO, in a statement. 'We believe Sephora will give our current and new customers another reason to shop with us.'
Sephora, a unit of LVMH, operates 120 stores across and more than 500 stores worldwide. J.C. Penney operates about 1,000 stores.