Seriluna Launches Spa Consultant Program

As a way to help women battle that additional stress and the financial burden of the holiday season, Seriluna, a natural skincare and loungewear companies, has launched a spa consultant program, which allows women to earn extra money from the comfort of their own homes. Whether it is a small Saturday brunch affair, a girl’s night out, or a spa-like happy hour event, Seriluna’s spa consultants have the opportunity to get their family and friends together for a fun, pampering session, while selling natural beauty, skincare, and loungewear products.
Seriluna spa consultants also have the flexibility to create their own schedules around family and other holiday obligations; have the opportunity to earn an additional $500 to $1,000 per month and even more; earn generous commissions between 30- and 40 percent on all of their sales; have the opportunity to earn residual income as they add more people to their team; will be able to market their businesses with a personal website that Seriluna sets up – up to three months free; do not have to worry about stocking or managing any inventory; choose from a comprehensive starter kits that allow them to launch their own businesses within days for less than $200; warn jumpstart rewards; and more. "Seriluna's mission is to help women create financial security for themselves and their families by providing reasonably priced, natural skincare, spa products and loungewear to their network of friends and family," says Steve Schuster, founder and CEO of Seriluna. "We believe that through our simple direct sales approach, women can earn extra money doing what they love surrounded by the people they love. We are excited to support women who would like to start their own business and create something for themselves while nurturing others and enhancing their well being and natural beauty."

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