3 Favorite Green Beauty Tips

What better time to prove to clients it's easy being green than St. Patrick's Day? If you've always wanted to try green looks, it's the perfect time to play. With these quick tips from Stephanie Fell, owner of Merle Norman Studio (Augusta, GA), to share with clients, they won't have to worry about getting pinched!

  • To ease into green, try Merle Norman’s Soft Touch Eye Pencil in Jaded on the lower lash line. This soft shade gives a hint of green and a touch of sparkle. This creamy eye pencil can easily be worn as eye shadow, too. Simply apply the color to the lid and blend well up to the natural crease. Remember, the more you blend the shade, the softer its effect will be, so you can really achieve the look you want by working with the color!
  • If you are unsure what shade of green works best with different skintones, a good rule of thumb is to favor jewel tones. Why? The depth of color provided from these rich shades makes them universally flattering. Try using Merle Norman’s Color Max Shadow in Charcoal Green paired with Soft Touch Eye Pencil in Forest. (This is also a great combo to take the look from St. Patty's Day to St. Patty's Night!) For lips, add a neutral lip color, like Moist Lip Color in Gold Leaf, to finish and balance.
  • For those who are looking for a cooler shade of green, Merle Norman's Eye Shadow in Sea Green is a beautiful option for subtle green lids that will shimmer. This light and airy color also pairs well with the Soft Touch Eye Pencil in Forest. Finish look with a few coats of a rich, black mascara (and luck will be on your side for sure)!

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