Acne Ace

We usually think of acne as an adolescent affliction, but we’ve all learned the hard way that breakouts don’t miraculously cease when you get out of braces. As many as 50 percent of adult women in the US suffer from acne and it’s likely many of those bring their acne concerns to your spa seeking relief. It’s not just about treating the symptoms and breakouts, to truly clear up the problem your estheticians must target the underlying sources.  Here, Bruce Katz, M.D., dermatologist and director of Juva Skin and Laser Center (New York City) shares his acne solutions.

Photo Dynamic Therapy—“At Juva, we use a combination of Levulan Kerastick (a prescription strength topical) with a pulsed dye laser to destroy the bacteria that cause acne,” says Katz. The combination reduces output of oil and has proven to be very effective, even in patients who previoulsy were not responsive to Accutane. 

Get Gelly— Switch from rich cream moisturizers to lighter lotions and gels that won’t block pores in hot humid weather. We sweat more in the summer, which can cause heavy hydrators to build up and clog pores, resulting in both deep-rooted blemishes and pesky white heads.

Keep Hair Products to a Minimum—Avoid using oils and oil-based conditioners and styling products on your hair. When hair brushes against the face, neck and back and the oils can transmit onto skin and cause breakouts. 


What treatments does your spa offer for clients suffering from acne?