April is Rosacea Awareness Month

Ask anyone who suffers from rosacea, and they'll tell you it can be a frustrating and painful disease. To alert the public to the warning signs of this chronic and often progressive condition now estimated to affect more than 16 million Americans, the National Rosacea Society (NRS) has dubbed April Rosacea Awareness Month. According to the NRS, rosacea usually first strikes individuals between the ages of 30 and 60, and may initially resemble a simple sunburn or an inexplicable blush. Suddenly, without warning, a flush comes to their cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead. Then, just when they start to feel concerned, the redness disappears. Unfortunately, it happens again and again, becoming ruddier and lasting longer each time—and eventually visible blood vessels may appear. Without treatment, bumps and pimples often develop, growing more extensive over time, and burning, itching, and stinging are common. "It would be hard to invent a more embarrassing disease than rosacea," says Dr. Ted Grossbart, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School. "It affects the one part of the body that cannot be hidden—the face—and tends to strike people at a time in life when they may be increasingly self-conscious about changes in their appearance. Moreover, especially because this condition is not widely understood, it can leave its victims feeling isolated and even alienated from society."

For all these reasons and more, treating rosacea at your spa is a great idea. There are countless potential clients, and soothing the ails of this condition can provide both physical and mental relief for your guests. Are you highlighting rosacea this month at your spa? If so, what are you doing? Please sure your ideas here!

And if you are looking for more information, visit www.rosacea.org, or call (888) NO-BLUSH