Back To School Acne-Prevention Tips

Control Corrective Skincare Systems

Control Corrective Skincare SystemsWhether you're packing your kids' backpacks or preparing to hit the books yourself, the back-to-school season is quickly approaching, and it's easy to fall short on your skincare routines. Ellen Clark, founder and president of Control Corrective Skincare Systems explains how teens can avoid added stress when heading back to school by following these acne-prevention tips: 

  1. Do not stress. Although this may be easier said than done, stress and anxiety increase hormone production that cause acne.
  2. Sleep on a clean pillowcase. A dirty pillowcase can compound acne problems overnight by clogging pores and transferring old skin oil back onto your face. Acne sufferers should change their pillowcases at least once a week.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Proper hydration promotes healthy skin cell development.
  4. Leave acne alone. Do not pop or pick at acne as this can lead to swelling, bleeding, further inflammation, and even scarring. Additionally, it may trap more bacteria under the skin adding to an acne outbreak.
  5. Avoid over-washing skin. Resist the temptation to over-wash acne prone skin as it can dry out skin, leading to an increase in oil production. Instead use a gentle exfoliation and toner.

Control Corrective offers a complete acne care skin system, Control Acne, which includes medicated washes, tonics, and spot treatments, as well as an Essential Acne Care Kit, an acne-combating four-step regimen to clear skin.

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