Bridal Business Tips

I’m attending a beach wedding this week and am excited to see how it all comes together. One very important piece—and where your spa’s expertise comes in—is wedding day beauty. A professional makeup artist can do wonders for brides of all shapes and sizes to get photo-ready on their big day and also brings in top dollar to your spa. Here’s a few general bridal beauty tips to keep in mind from Tricia Campbell, director of education for Jane Iredale—The Skin Care Makeup.

  • "Every bride should have a professional artist do her makeup on her big day," says Campbell. "Brides don’t bake their wedding cakes; they leave it to a professional and they should do the same with their makeup. Doing makeup every day is different than application for photography and for a look that lasts. The skin must be flawless, and the eyes and blush must be applied darker than everyday makeup to come through in photos and videos. Blending is also extremely important, especially for the eyes."
  • Take advantage of retailing opportunities with brides. Advise brides to purchase key products for touch ups they will need throughout the day to stay fresh and photogenic. "Brides need to make sure they have the same products on hand to touch up throughout the day," she says. "One reason for this is to control shine, and the other reason is you want to make sure skintone looks the same throughout the day or night in photos. The same applies with lip color; you want to make sure lips are touched up with the same color all day or night long."
  • "With the new digital and high definition cameras, it’s important to understand what type of flash the photographer will be using," says Campbell. "Will they be shooting in Black and White or Sepia? You might need a little more bronzer on the skin if they are using a white flash. Black and white photos need more highlighting and contouring. Sepia adds a lot of warmth to the skin, so you’ll need to be careful not to add too much yellow to the skin."
  • "Depending on the bride’s skin type, you want more of a matte finish for the oiler skins and a radiant finish for a drier skin," says Campbell. "The most important part of photography is the finish to the skin. You want the face to look flawless. For example: If under eye circles are not concealed properly, the eyes will get lost in the photo. Brides want radiant looking skin on the big day, not flat or dull."

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