Brushing Up on Bamboo

After researching and writing Taking Stalk, our latest In the Mix story focused on bamboo and its many uses in spa I am seeing this awesome ingredient popping up everywhere. So many spas are creatively incorporating it and reaping the eco-friendly benefits. I reached out to Patrick Huey Corporate Spa Director of Red Lane Spa at Sandals Resorts to see how his tropical spas feature bamboo.


Why is bamboo beneficial for skin?

Bamboo is great for the face, because it a light exfoliant for the skin. It is lighter than sugar or salt, and can be used on sensitive or irritated skin.


What does bamboo add to spa treatments such as the Bamboo Polish?

The Bamboo in the Bamboo Polish Treatment offers the guest an eco-friendly, all natural body exfoliant. It is also a step off of the generic scrub path which is dominated by sugar and salt.


What specific characteristics of bamboo make it useful in spa services?

We use the bamboo fibers which are a granulated bamboo. It is also gentle on the skin, which is great if you have a guest who is sunburned or has any

contraindications or sensitivities for salt or sugar.


Is bamboo incorporated anywhere else in the spas?

One of the new products that we are launching in the Fall of 2014 is Lemongrass and Ugligruit Bamboo Fiber scrub. We also use elements of bamboo in the design as well such as at Sandals Antigua. And we use bamboo stalks in Sandals Montego Bay. All of the door hangers in the spa are made from bamboo. We also use bamboo silk in the shower gels for the spa. So bamboo plays a significant role in the Red Lane Spa experience.


Is bamboo an important cultural/local element? And if so how?

Bamboo grows naturally in Jamaica and throughout many of the Caribbean islands. In Jamaica specifically we use bamboo to make rafts. In the past, bamboo rafts were used in there as a mode of transporting local produce up and down the river ways of the island. Bamboo rafting is now a local tourist attraction with Island Routes.


What other ingredients are complementary for use with bamboo?

Bamboo blends nicely with lotions and body butters and shower gels. It also a fiber that can be used for sheets and pillow cases and towels because it is incredibly soft.