Celebrate National Relaxation Day Effortlessly

Ska:na Spa at Turning Stone Resort offers national relaxation day special menuIn case you weren’t aware, National Relaxation day is today. It could be one of the best holidays in the spa industry, but in case you didn’t prepare to relax today don't fret. And let’s face it, that almost defeats the purpose of celebrating relaxing in the first place. We have a few expert relaxation recommendations for this special day:

Red Door Spa’s (multiple locations) national director of body services, Glenn Ferrugiari suggests:

  • Relaxing at home: A simple and easy way to relax and unwind at home is through the use of essential oils.  They act on the body physically and emotionally and can be used in a number of ways.  Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties and peppermint for its rejuvenating properties.  Add a few drops to your bath and soak up the relaxing scents.
  • Relaxing at Red Door Spa: Ferrugiari opts for the Signature Stress Melter Ritual (110 minutes), an ultra-relaxing body treatment to deeply cleanse the body and replenish the skin all over, or the Hydra-Quenching Remineralizing Wrap, which restores vital trace minerals and elements and improves immunity with a warm cocoon of seawater and essential oils and a gentle exfoliation.

Ska:ná Spa at Turning Stone Resort (NY), a peaceful property owned by the Oneida Indian Nation, has exclusive Relaxation Day treatments on the menu:

  • The Sage & White Pine Hot Towel Massage: In Oneida tradition, sage has long been used for its ability to bring about clarity and deep relaxation. The white pine is the Great Tree of Peace and is the most valued botanical for healing fatigue and mental exhaustion.
  • From the Earth Mud Wrap: Based on the American Indian tradition of using mineral-rich medicinal mud and light massage therapy, this balancing ritual detoxifies and relaxes sore muscles and joints with a therapeutic mud wrap and thermal mineral bath, followed by a light massage.
  • The Oneida Journey: This healing journey for couples begins with a warm evergreen essential oil soak to relax the body and open the lungs.  A full body exfoliation follows with a sugar scrub rich in jojoba oil and chamomile to nourish and soothe the skin and concludes with a relaxing white pine and sage oil massage to ease the muscles and joints.


Is your spa adding extra relaxation offerings to help clients chill out today?


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