Clean Treats

powdered donuts, titanium dioxide, safe ingredients, supplement safetySpa-goers are more conscientious than ever of what ingredients they put on their faces. Credit goes to you and your skilled spa employees for keeping them educated! They also should be paying close attention to what they eat, including supplements and vitamins, where sneaky ingredients may do more harm than good. Titanium dioxide is one example; it’s whitening and thickening agent found in powdered sugar donuts, vitamins, sunscreen, toothpaste, and paint. There isn’t conclusive research just yet on whether titanium dioxide does any damage, though preliminary research links it to asthma and dry skin and other research suggests it is a carcinogen. Those risks were enough to convince Dunkin’ Donuts to phase out the titanium dioxide from its treats, though it still lingers in other products. To be safe, check the other ingredients section to see if the supplement contains titanium dioxide and other unwanted extras like phthalates, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Another effective way to ensure products are free of chemicals is to opt for green and organic manufacturers. Take a look at our Green Guide in next month’s issue to learn more about the creative ways the spa industry helps the health of the environment and its customers.