Debunking Facial Cleansing Myths

I must confess I’ve fallen for many of the face-washing myths, such as stinging is a sign it’s working, squeaky clean is good clean, and steaming hot water clears pores. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal reminded me of these and how my routine has since improved. Your clients are susceptible too, and, since some mistakes may impede treatment results, it’s vital to share these healthy washing truths from top dermatologists.

  1. Regular skin only requires nighttime cleansing. This removes makeup and other dirt that has collected during the day. More frequent washing dehydrates skin.
  2. Foaming cleansers can be overly harsh. More gentle options often have no visible suds, but are still doing their job.
  3. Using fingertips apply cleanser in light, circular motions. Scrubbing doesn’t help any skin condition and results in more dermis damage.
  4. Lukewarm water is best. Hotter temperatures can cause irritation and contrary to popular belief, pores do not open and close so switching between hot and cold water doesn’t make a difference.

What are your go-to facial cleansing techniques?

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