Dry Scalp Remedies

After my trip to the desert for ISPA earlier this week, my skin is super dry and in need of moisturizer around the clock. The same is true for my scalp; it and my hair are suffering in the dry weather. Even back on the east coast cooler temperatures and low humidity deplete moisture. Many of your clients are likely in the same boat and celebrity hairstylist Nelson Chan’s tips can help them hold on to hydration now and in the chilly months ahead:

  1. Use a non-foaming shampoo. “Avoid using a harsh, deep cleansing shampoo,” says Chan. “Strong cleansers will ultimately strip the natural oil from your hair and scalp.”
  2. Moisturize the scalp. "Treat your scalp like your skin. If you hydrate your dry skin with lotion, you should do the same with a dry scalp,” says Chan.
  3. Exfoliate regularly. "Exfoliate the scalp once a month to remove dead skin. This helps to refresh, clean and remove flakiness,” says Chan.
  4. Avoid high heat. “Go easy on your hair and avoid exposing the scalp if it's already dry to a hot dryer. Use a dryer that offers a low heat setting," says Chan.

What scalp treatments does your spa offer to keep heads in tiptop shape?