Experts Share Top Cosmetic Tips

Beauty is booming. The beauty industry is nearing $50 billion and is expected to continue growing. The deluge of beauty products is exciting and potentially profitable for your spas, but according to new research from Mintel, it can be overwhelming for many clients. According to Margie Nanninga, beauty analyst at Mintel, focusing on products that are fun and easy to use makes them more appealing to clients. Eager beauty consumers need tools and advice to help differentiate between brands and products and what trends are right for them. That’s where your spa’s experienced team can shine. Here, we’ve connected with the experts to provide your staff with the most helpful tips for adopting today’s hottest trends and finding the perfect cosmetics solutions for your clients.

Beauty Basics

No matter the season or the style, proper tools and techniques will always be on trend. Here is some insight from the pros.

“Key tools include tissues, Q-tips, cotton pads, brush cleaner, and a good set of brushes. In terms of products, makeup primer and translucent powder are important to keep in stock.”—Julio Albeloj, makeup artist, The Sisley Spa at The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel (New York City)

“Working with hands and fingertips to warm and manipulate product is huge.”—Janeena Billera, senior national makeup artist and educator, glo minerals

“Disposable brushes and wands for your clients to freshen up their looks after a service and a welcoming nook to do so are important.”—Darlene Zembrod, master artist, Ecco Bella

“Softer contouring, known as non-touring, so we still get definition but with a more natural-looking effect, is one of the key techniques to take away from this year.”—Hannah Hatcher, global educator, Jane Iredale

“You should keep a great set of makeup brushes in stock to work with. Also, keep a good stock on hand for clients to purchase. Once they see how you use your brushes and how important they are to makeup application, they will want to purchase them from you.”—Alejandro Falcon, artistic director and national educator, Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare

Healthy Hues

Cosmetics feature more skincare benefits and ingredients that nourish the skin while offering the aesthetic appeal of color. For example, mineral powders are an ideal post-facial addition. According to Judee Jo Georgeles, account executive for La Bella Donna, applying loose mineral powders after a facial can help prolong the results. “They provide skin with sun protection, balance the moisture content, and don’t clog pores,” she says. Similarly, Sothys Paris’s new Mix Solution Powder Transformer features the antioxidant power of blueberry extract and transforms powders into creamy formulas for skin or the area around the eyes. It’s also possible for skincare products to cross over into makeup. According to Janell Geason, global artistic director for makeup for Aveda, skincare products can do double duty when applied creatively. “I love using Tulasara Bright Concentrate with a blush brush along the cheekbones after makeup for a light glow on the skin,” she says. “Clients want skin to glow, and this technique brings that beautiful glow back.”


Retro Revival

What’s old is new again for beauty trends this year. Two particular decades returned for exciting repeat performances and will continue to thrive throughout 2017, according to the experts. The swinging ‘60s reappeared in the form of statement eyeliner. “Black liquid liner is all over the runways and keeping on trend for next year, as well,” says La Bella Donna’s Judee Jo Georgeles. “My favorite way to use a liquid liner is to trace a line along the top lashes, slightly extending past the outer corners. This helps to create both a fuller lash and a visually uplifted appearance of the eye.” The ‘80s also made a comeback. Says The Sisley Spa’s Julio Albeloj, “The retro look of the ‘80s defined 2016 with subtle uses of blues, turquoise, and grey for the eyes in combination with fuchsia and reds for the lips.”

Through the Looking Glass

Experts share their beauty predictions for 2017.

“I expect to see perfectly natural-looking skin with defined eyebrows and soft eyes adding drama with strong lip colors.”—Julio Albeloj, makeup artist, The Sisley Spa at The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel (New York City)

“Metallic and shimmer for the eyes and lips are trending for both vibrant and barely there makeup.”—Judee Jo Georgeles, account executive, La Bella Donna

“I think an effortless and chic approach to makeup will be in. People are now attached to accentuating one feature on the face, and in turn, it being a beautiful personal statement. I believe we are going to see a lot more of this in the near future.”—Janeena Billera, senior national makeup artist and educator, glo minerals

“You will continue to see the perfected skin of the fresh-face look with glossy or smudged lids and lips making a statement in bold or nude shades in varying degrees of finishes. It’s a good time for women to let their true beauty shine with the freedom of choice that 2017 is bringing.”—Darlene Zembrod, master artist, Ecco Bella

“Judging from the runways, color will have a big moment in 2017. There’s no one singular color that dominated. They all had their moment.”—Samantha Mandor, founder and chief creative officer, Temptu

“I think the bolder lip colors will keep showing up in 2017. Reds, berries, plums, and gothic-style dark lips will continue to rage on. Bold colors can also show up as pastels.”—Hannah Hatcher, global educator, Jane Iredale

“Clean, healthy-looking skin is always on trend. Makeup infused with skincare
properties that nourish and protect the skin is important for maintaining a healthy and radiant complexion.”—Jessica Morante, national trade marketing manager, Sothys USA

“We’ll see a continued focus on skin and brows, glittery textures for lips and eyes, matte shades, and lots of lashes.”—Janell Geason, global artistic director for makeup, Aveda

It’s a Wash

These cleansers and makeup removers help take it all off and refresh skin in a splash.

1. Clarins Cleansing Milk With Alpine Herbs: Packed with soothing botanical extracts, this balanced formula nourishes and moisturizes skin while clearing away impurities.

2. Decléor Paris Micellar Oil: Formulated to dissolve makeup and impurities, this sweet almond oil also refines skin texture.

3. Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes: The saturated biodegradable wipes melt away layers of excess oil, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, and pollutants from skin.

4. Éminence Organic Skin Care Herbal Eye Make-up Remover: Safe for sensitive skin, this pH-balanced blend of calendula, chamomile, cucumber, and lavender gently clears away cosmetics. 

5. ESPA Bio-Active Eye Cleanser: Moringa and coconut extracts help remove waterproof eye makeup. It also conditions lashes and hydrates the delicate eye area.

6. Guinot Paris Eye Makeup Remover: Botanical extracts, including allantoin and cornflower, cleanse around the eyes and reduce undereye puffiness and fine lines, leaving skin soft.

7. Jane Iredale BeautyPrep Face Cleanser: Cucumber extracts in liposome form gently clean, nourish, and protect skin so makeup goes on smoother and lasts longer.

8. Natura Bissé NB Ceutical Eye & Lip Makeup Remover: This two-phase solution of oil and water  washes away makeup and conditions the skin
in one step.

9. Naturopathica Sweet Lupine Makeup Remover & Cleansing Cream: Containing sweet lupine proteins and wild mango butter, this cream washes away cosmetics and hydrates and plumps the skin.

10. PCA Skin Facial Wash: Allantoin, aloe vera leaf juice, lactic acid, and willow bark extract remove makeup, oil, and dirt with a light-foaming lather.

11. Pevonia Eye Make-Up Remover: Formulated for the sensitive eye area, this easy-to-use spray removes products from the eye area with arnica,
cucumber, and lettuce.

12. Sothys Paris Eye & Lip Make-up Removing Fluid: Relying on skin-softening mallow, this fluid clears away waterproof cosmetics from eyes and
lips, leaving no oily residue.