Finding Peace in a Pod

Maintaining a healthy balance—whether it’s skin, work and life, digital, or literally the weight on my own two feet—seems to be more and more difficult. Maybe it’s a season of hectic domestic and international events, growing older, or the influx of digital into every facet of life, but I still believe it’s worth working toward the ever-elusive balance. Earlier this month, I found a superb slice of balance. My 60 minutes in the SkinPod at Dermalogica’s flagship store in SoHo provided just the relief my dehydrated skin and overloaded mind needed. Instead of a treatment room, the bright storefront offers facials in a SkinPod at the back. It has just enough space for serenity and the tools for improving skin health and no extra room for stress or outside distractions. The constantly changing colored lighting was soothing and rejuvenating, and even though my eyes were closed most of the time I could still sense the subtle colors. Quiet music drowned out any noise filtering in from the streets and the nearby retail area, so I could relax and enjoy the cleansing and hydrating treatment. My therapist selected a range of products to restore balance to my skin and protect it from future damage. That afternoon I found true peace in a pod, and left feeling refreshed and looking radiant.

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