Hot New Wax Products

In honor of our July issue, which has a focus on male waxing, we've compiled a list of some great new wax products.

Amber Products Waxing System:

 This new waxing system offers a safe and sanitary way to remove unwanted hair. It features an applicator head that is disposed after each client use and natural resin-based soft waxes that heat to the proper temperature and then dispense through the individual applicators.

BNumbed Spray and Gel: The spray and gel are both used as a numbing pre-waxing treatment. For use on broader areas, the spray is recommended, while the gel is ideal for use on precise areas. Both work within one to three minutes and are long-lasting.

Phytocéane Regrowth Inhibitor Gel: This gel helps slow down the growth of unwanted hair while preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs and breakouts. It contains ultra-hydrating marine ingredients, which provide a fresh sensation to skin after waxing treatments. It also includes sage, which inhibits hair growth and extends the time between wax treatments.

Shobha Natural Wax: This newly-improved wax contains only natural ingredients, including gum rosin for effective stickiness, canola oil to moisturize skin, titanium dioxide to lessen irritation and redness, and mica to give the wax a pearl essence.

For more on male waxing, check out our Skin Deep story in the July issue of American Spa.