Light Up Summer with a Firefly Inspired Spa Experience

Hiatus Spa firefly summer night treatmentI lived in a city until I started third grade, when we moved to a smaller town. Before the move, I didn’t think fireflies were real—I thought that, if they existed at all, they wouldn’t look like the way they did in cartoons and movies. Once I was living in the country, though, it didn’t take long before I started seeing them on summer nights, and now it doesn’t seem like a summer is complete unless I’ve spent an evening watching them. That’s why the final summer retreat from Hiatus Spa + Retreat (Multiple Locations, TX), Firefly ($195, 80 minutes) seems extra-appealing to me and certainly for Lone Star state spa-goers as well.

Hiatus is turning hot Texas nights into an enticing spa experience. A full body dry brush massage removes the dull remnants of summer skin, and guests are treated to the scents of Masala chai, ginger, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a hint of black pepper. The spices are steeped in mamri tea to creat a rich mask to tone, tighten, and thoroughly refresh skin. While guests are drinking in the warmth, they’ll receive a hot oil scalp massage, and then a Vichy shower. A spiced and energizing Chai-Tai finishes the retreat. Chai has been known to improve circulation, help with acne, and increase oxygen supply to the face. Nutmeg can help treat eczema and provides a relaxing scent that can help guests sleep better. Finally, although black pepper may seem a surprising choice for a relaxing mask, it eases congestion and boasts a high vitamin C content, which curbs free radicals.

How does your spa help guests shed their end-of-summer blues? 


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