Modern Cosmetics Help Heal Skin

shumskaya/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

The use of makeup dates back thousands of years ago to when the ancient Egyptians applied minerals to their faces to add color and definition. While makeup formulas have come a long way since then, until recently, the purpose of makeup has pretty much stayed the same—to add color and definition to the face, hide facial imperfections, and enhance its overall appearance. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of The Renfrew Center Foundation, 16 percent of those surveyed said they felt self-conscious without makeup, and almost half (44 percent) of women wear makeup to hide skin flaws. Also, 48 percent like the way they look with makeup on, and 32 percent say it makes them feel good. Despite the au naturale trend that seems to pop up every few years (and even that look sometimes requires some makeup), there’s no denying that cosmetics play an important part in the lives of women everywhere. However, today’s consumers are more interested than ever about what ingredients are in their skincare and cosmetics. They want products that not only make them look good but are good for them, as well—in other words, healing cosmetics.

As lifestyles become busier, women are seeking ways to save time with multitasking beauty products. Many of today’s cosmetic formulas provide more than just a superficial fix to skincare concerns. They provide treatment and healing to a number of common skincare issues, such as the signs of aging, acne, rosacea, and dry skin. “Clients are looking for products that multitask to fit their busy lifestyles,” says Pauline Youngblood-Toth, founder and CEO of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. “Clients don’t want to add more steps to their daily beauty regimen, so they search for makeup that not only makes them look good but also helps their skin feel good all at the same time.”


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