Playing It Cool

hiatus spa, july retreat, Texas spa, Lone Star StateSomewhere, there are pictures of me at three years old on a beach in Florida, sitting in a cooler full of ice with a slice of watermelon in each of my hands. Even back then, I knew watermelon was a great way to beat the heat, and it’s still my go-to on extra hot days.

Because the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” also applies to the Lone Star State's temperatures, Hiatus Spa + Retreat (Multiple Locations, TX) is offering guests a series of signature treatments this summer to help them kick back, relax, and, of course, cool down. This July, guests at Hiatus can experience the Watermelon Crush ($195, 80 minutes) retreat, which promises to refresh and prepare skin for the summer heat. The retreat begins with a scrub containing organic cane sugar, watermelon seeds, and mint to remove sun-worn layers. Next, organic watermelon is crushed over the skin, hitting it with a rich, cool blend of antioxidants and minerals. A scalp massage is provided while the body is soaking in all the goodness of the fruit, and the treatment ends with a Vichy shower rinse. Guests are also treated to a Midori cocktail to end the day. Watermelon is known for its high content of vitamins A, B6, and C. Vitamin A assists in reducing the size of pores and minimizing excessive oils, while the fruit’s 92% water content hydrates and leaves skin feeling fresh. Its high antioxidant content makes it beneficial for anti-aging purposes, and it acts as a natural toner.

What does your spa do to help keep guests cool in the summer?

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