Post Sun Skin Brightening Recipes

brightening body scrubAs the days get shorter I cling tighter to my summer vacation glow, willing the bronze to last until turkey day. What I don’t want to stick around? Hyperpigmentation and the other red flags of sun damage. Many of your clients may want to banish the signs of too much fun in the sun too. Here are recipes and tips from Vish Banthia, founder of ZendyBeauty, an online beauty resource, to smooth and brighten skin all over.

  1. Use a loofah to apply a mixture of sea salt and lemon juice on areas with unwanted sun tan. This helps remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and the pigment while stimulating new cell growth.
  2. A honey and tomato juice concoction used as a mask also has skin lightening properties that help fade a tan. Simply blend and apply to areas needing a pick-me-up.
  3. For older spots combine one teaspoon of yogurt, juice from one lemon, and a pinch of turmeric and spread over face for 10 minutes a day until spots diminish. In addition, intense pulsed light (IPL) sessions help minimize the spots by breaking apart pigmented areas and shrink pores.
  4. For a streaky faux tan in need of a quick fix, remove any unwanted color with a lemon wedge massaged over the area.
  5. To diminish an all-over artificial tan, opt for a body brush to exfoliate from head to toe. The dry brush method sloughs off dead skin cells while increasing lymph circulation and detoxing skin.

What brightening treatments are on the menu at your spa?