Repechage Dives Into Haircare

While I love the summer, it doesn’t do much for my hair. Because I tend to head outside when the weather heats up, the past couple months of sun, salt, chlorine, and heat have reduced my hair to a bit of a straw-like mess that I tend to just leave in a bun every day. So when I was invited to test out the new HYDRA-AMINO18 Hair Spa collection from Repêchage, which will be making its debut this fall, I was excited. I’ve long been a fan of the company’s four-layer facial, so I was intrigued to see how Lydia and her team would tackle hair. As such, I headed to Lovella Salon on the Upper West Side to try it out. After a shampoo, my hair was slathered with the HYDRA-AMINO18 Hair Spa Thermal Seaweed Mask, a self-heating mask that envelopes every strand of hair with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. While the mask penetrated, I also enjoyed a relaxing hand massage. Then, salon co-owner Oded Gabay used the HYDRA-AMINO18 Hair Spa Serum, which is made from seaweed and safflower oil and protects hair from styling stress, color fading and frizz, prior to a wonderful trim and blowout. In the end, my hair looked healthy, full, and revived, and my summer bun has been banned in favor of letting my hair down. The verdict? Repêchage has another hit on its hands, er, hair. For spas, I think the mask is a perfect add-on to a skincare service, and for salons, having a spa treatment for the hair seems to be a no-brainer. The homecare mask and serum make it even more enticing, and I'm looking forward to trying it out soon. How do you handle haircare at your spa? Share your thoughts here.

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