Rugged is Hot, Ragged is Not

In this world of unisex fruity drinks and manscaping, men have no problem with knowing they’re allowed to take care of themselves. Enjoying a bit of pampering now and then doesn’t compromise the modern man’s masculinity. This Father’s Day, the Whiteface Lodge (Lake Placid, NY) gets it and has plenty of new treatments for a dad who isn’t about to let moms have all the fun. The Modern Man collection is designed for every kind of man, and pairs perfectly with the resort's nearby fishing, golfing, rock climbing, and skiing activities, or even cigars and cognac in rustic outdoor lean-tos. The Spa at the Whiteface Lodge Modern Man menu includes the following:

  • Deep Tissue Massage (starting at $125, 50 minutes; $170, 80 minutes): The massage helps release chronic patterns of muscular tension that create painful conditions and structural misalignment.
  • Sports Massage (starting at $125, 50 minutes; $170, 80 minutes): Ideal for serious athletes, this invigorating treatment uses light stretching and various massage techniques to improve range of motion, circulation, and muscle strength.
  • The Outdoorsman Facial (starting at $130, 50 minutes): This relaxing, deep-cleansing facial repairs and protects skin damaged by windburn, sun and overexposure to the elements. A blend of vitamins and antioxidants are diffused deep into the skin for a revitalized and healthier looking complexion.
  • Man Hands Soother ($40, 25 minutes): This quick service exfoliates rough, dry skin while trimming, filing and buffing nails and is capped off with a light hand and arm massage.
  • Energizing Foot Remedy ($65, 50 minutes): In this revitalizing foot treatment, a muscle-soothing Epsom salt soak is followed by a nail and cuticle grooming, exfoliation, Quench masque, and massage.

The Spa also offers a full-day package designed especially for men and doubles as a modern. The Outdoorsman (starting at $275) includes the Sports Massage, The Outdoorsman facial, Man Hands Soother, and a spa lunch. Men will have entrée to their own locker room and lounge complete with flat screen TV, as well as enjoying access to a rejuvenating eucalyptus-infused steam room and cedar wood sauna. The Spa doubles as a modern-day man cave for wellbeing.


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