Savvy SkinChecker

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As I’m becoming more immersed in the spa world, I’m more aware than ever of my skin habits, those that are healthy and those I should leave in the dust. When it comes to sun safety, I will always have sunscreen on my skin and on hand to offer my companions, as well as regular dermatologist visits. Unfortunately many people are not as diligent as I am. According to an IPSOS worldwide survey with nearly 20,000 participants from 15 to 65 years old, only 50 percent have consulted a dermatologist for a mole screening and only 25 percent of that group has ever checked their own moles. Americans are a bit better about sun safety habits, but there is a lot of room for improvement. La Roche-Posay hopes to help with its cute, clever video to spread the word about its SkinChecker Campaign.


Share this video to be proactive about skin cancer screening and to encourage your employees and clients to get professional skin checks.