Skin Analysis App Provides Personalized Stats

my own app skincare tracking

Do you know your beauty number? Probably not, but your clients can learn and improve theirs with My Own App, which uses facial recognition technology to track 50 different points on the face. It analyzes a photo of the user and provides a clinical evaluation of all the major signs of aging plus nutrition, wellness, and beauty recommendations. Scary but true; the app counts the number of fine lines, deep-set wrinkles, percentage of pigment, and number of age spots and compares them with others in the same age group. For extra motivation to follow its suggestions, the app offers a photo of how the complexion can improve. What a great tool to quantitatively prove the instant results from anti-aging treatments in your spa and long-term improvements over multiple visits.

My Own App is free and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. How does your spa help clients recognize results from your treatments?

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