Spa Oil Made with Love

Facial oils are more popular than ever, and your clients are likely coming in asking about what's best for their skin and concerns. The great news is, all skin types can benefit from facial and body oils. That's one of the reasons Aveda plans to launch a special edition Composition Oil next year. Love Composition Oil honors the memory of founder Horst Rechelbacher, who passed away in 2014. Here, Amy Humfleet, vice president of product development and innovation shares her thoughts on the new oil and what it means.

What inspired the development of Aveda Love Composition Oil?

Very simply and beautifully—we wanted to honor the memory of our founder Horst Rechelbacher. A few of us met with his family to begin talking about the idea of creating an Aveda product to commemorate his life. First and foremost, we all agreed that the end product had to celebrate his tremendous contribution to the earth. It also had to incorporate an aroma that he loved using organic ingredients, and something that could be used in every Aveda location and part of every Aveda service as a signature Aveda Ritual of Renewal.


What inspired the aroma of Aveda Love Composition Oil?

We only looked at the aromas that Horst loved including jasmine, frankincense, and sandalwood. These were his favorite, and they are very sensual and elegant together. We then turned to Guy Vincent, head of Aveda Pure-Fume aroma to bring the aroma into modernity. Horst’s family let us know that he was wearing a lot of vetiver, a woody gender neutral aroma, in the later part of his life and Guy made sure to include vetiver as a key ingredient in the final aroma. When Horst’s family experienced the Aveda Love Composition Oil aroma for the first time they immediately exclaimed that it smelled so much like him and that he would love it, which made us all very happy. This new aroma was beautifully crafted as modern interpretation of the original aroma created by Horst Rechelbacher.


Why was Audobon chosen as a partner for the Aveda Love Composition Oil launch?

Horst was a big supporter of Audobon and partnering with Audobon exemplifies Aveda’s efforts to make a meaningful commitment to action in service to the Earth. It is a very unique partnership, which is fueled by a common commitment to climate change initiatives. Aveda’s mission stems from our belief that “there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability.” Audobon’s mission is “to protect birds and their habitat for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biodiversity.”

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