Summer Skincare Saviors

No matter how careful clients are in popular vacation hotspots, the summer sun seems to do some damage on skin. That doesn't mean they have to abandon their beloved beach havens, though. Renew The Spa at The James Royal Palm (Miami) has a few summer treatments to help spa-goers to beat the blistering Florida heat. Those sweat-clogged pores, sun damage, and premature wrinkles will be no match for these skincare saviors.
Azulene Sun ($125, 50 minutes)
This blended bodycare is the perfect solution for those who spend all day on the beach sun-bathing (against their esthetician's advice). Healing aloe and azulene drench the body in moisture while guests enjoy a relaxing face, neck, and scalp massage to ease discomfort and soothe sun-distressed skin. Since summer is the time to show some skin, keeping clients' bodies exfoliated and in tip-top shape is a must.
The Slimming Soak ($100, 45 minutes)
This treatment is the perfect way to maintain spa-goers' perfect bikini beach-bods throughout the summer months when salt water, sweat, and sun all wreak havoc on skin. The treatment starts with a detoxifying lymphatic massage, which exfoliates the skin and stimulates circulation, leaving skin radiantly prepped for the hot slimming soak, which is enhanced with ice acupressure and four different toning salts.
Aqua Aloe Facial ($140, 45 minutes; $160, 60 minutes)
The ultimate treatment to keep the face hydrated after sun exposure, it is designed for over-stressed and oversensitive skin types, to hydrate, heal, and correct. Utilizing the healing attributes of chamomile and calendula throughout the treatment, those with sun-kissed skin will step out of the spa with soft, glowing skin leaving them feeling entirely invigorated (45 min/$140; 60 min/$160).

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