Ten Commandments of Spa Week

Autumn has officially arrived and that means Spa Week is just around the corner, Oct. 20 - 26. Spa Week has become an ideal way to introduce your spa and its services to new customers at a low-risk economical price. Though spa-ing comes with few hard and fast rules, beyond relax. To give potential clients an extra bit of encouragement here are the ten commandments of Spa Week according to the national event's organizers.

1. Thou shall take the vow of wellness, and get fresh for fall.  Enjoy various spa and wellness services normally valued at $100 to $500 for just $50. Spa Week is the only time you can book appointments such as a 50 minute De-Stress body treatment or an 80 minute pumpkin spice spa manicure and pedicure for $50. Embrace the health and happiness you can only experience after your favorite $50 spa and wellness service and skip through the rest of your week.
2. Thou shall take advantage of Spa Week. During the summer months, wellness routines are simplified so it is only natural that fall months are a time of transformation. Run, don’t walk if you are in need of revitalizing your skincare routine or exfoliating your body. Why stop at one treatment when you can indulge in two, three, or four? For instance, double up with a revitalizing pumpkin massage or try the perky pumpkin-radiance boosting and firming which will only be available at $50 from October 20th through October 26th. What’s better than two for the price of one especially when one is only $50.
3. Thou shall dedicate ample time to enjoy Spa Week. Hundreds of spas (resort, hotel, day, medical, and holistic), fitness studios, weight-loss and nutrition centers across the country will offer full-service treatments for an entire week! Spa Week is the one time you can get the longest and most luxurious 120 minute massages for just $50! One important rule to remember is to book your appointments in advance to get exactly what your body needs.
4. Honor thy esthetician or therapist. Service providers at Spa Week’s participating spas come from a variety of backgrounds. They have extensive training in their fields and provide clients with top-notch customer service, so be sure to tip on the full price if you are feeling blissful and relaxed from your $50 service.
5. Thou shall give praise. Taking advantage of Spa Week’s $50 services has become a powerful first step for so many individuals attempting to significantly improve their overall well-being. The second step is to pay it forward and share your experience with your friends and family. Finally share on social media – everyone will ‘like’ the new and improved you!
6. Thou shall embrace positive changes in your life that make you look and feel better. Motivate yourself to do the things that contribute to your health and wellness. Have you wanted to improve your skin care routine or take a Pilates class to get toned and improve balance? For just $50 per service, Spa Week is the perfect time to take a leap and try something new!
7. Thou shall leave your cell phones and worries at home or in the locker room, be mindful of other people and speak softly. Remember that the purpose of booking a $50 spa treatment is to reboot from today’s highly tech-ed out stressed-out world.
8. Thou shall overindulge on services. After all, when else can you receive $50 spa services (valued at $100 to $500) at the most exclusive and luxurious spa and wellness facilities in the country? Whether you are looking to get your skin exfoliated, moisturized or zapped, Spa Week is the perfect time to book those appointments.
9. Thou shall always share. Make your spa day extra-special by sharing it with friends or family who can also use some pampering. Whether you’re celebrating a bridal shower, birthday or just want to have a blast with your BFF, spa treatments are always better when you have someone to share it with. Woodhouse Day Spa, Red Door Spa and countless other locations offer great options for groups of many different sizes. From massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and even hair services, there’s something for everyone in every city for just $50.
10. Thou shall not covet another person’s spa treatment. Envious of your friend with the glowing skin in her Instagram selfie? Visit SpaWeek.com and make your appointment to visit a world class esthetician at premiere spa locations across the country including Clarins, The Salon and Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue, Skin Station and many others. At only $50 there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge in that treatment you’ve been obsessing over!


What's on your autumn menu to get clients excited for fall?